Post Construction

Post construction treatments are services that are available after the construction of your house is completed. Not all types of treatments are applicable to all houses, we make sure that all our services are uniquely tailored to each customer to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Soil Treatment

The soil underneath your house is treated by pumping herbal solutions through the existing pipes installed throughout the building. As for the soil surrounding your house, herbal solutions are directly pumped into the soil to reinforce a stronger line of defense against termites. These herbal solutions are absorbed by the soil, which prevent termites from nesting underneath the house.



Pipe treatment is only possible for houses that have pipes pre-installed, which can only be done prior to construction of your house (please refer to the Pre Construction section). If pipes have not previously been installed and a serious termite infestation has taken place, we may be required to drill holes in your house to pump herbal solutions down into the soil underneath the building.