Pre Construction

Pre construction treatments are services that are available prior to the construction of your house is completed and is best done during the foundation-laying phase of construction. Pre construction treatments raise your house’s overall pest immunity and reduce the chance of a serious infestation in later years.  Therefore, pre construction treatments are recommended for all houses.

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Our pipe placement service involves installing pipes that run underneath the house with  the purpose of carrying and delivering herbal solutions to the soil.


After inspecting your house’s foundation, we calculate the dimensions and routes that the pipes should be placed in order to create an efficient delivery system.


Our team then installs the pipes according  to the company’s design and specifications. After the pipes are in place, we carry out the initial soil treatment by pumping herbal solutions into the pipes. The pipes are tested for defect and are repaired if any faults are found in the system. Finally, after the pipe placement is completed, you can continue with your house’s construction with a peace of mind that you have established a strong first line of defense against incommodious pests. After the initial soil treatment, we usually recommend customers to wait one year before a follow up soil treatment service.


We use a 20 mm HDPE pipe with sprinklers attached at 50 cm intervals and PVC clams to secure pipes to concrete at 80 cm intervals. The company standard for pipe placement limits the number of sprinklers per loop to forty. Our seamless pipes offer a durable pipe treatment system that is guaranteed to be effective and long-lasting.